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About VIPG Designs...


I grew up in Ashdown, Arkansas, with a mom who was very festive, and always decorated our home for holidays more than anyone else I knew.  I guess you could say I was born with decorating in my blood!

I graduated from college with a BA in Communications, specializing in Radio, TV and Film.  I didn't land my dream job in broadcasting, and didn't want to accept the one I was offered.  Next thing I knew, I'm living in Washington D.C., interning for Senator David Pryor.  After some of the most fun few months of my life, I found myself without a job.  My aunt introduced me to a woman, (originally from Ashdown,) who was then living in New York City.  She said they could use a little "Southern charm" in the tuxedo store that she and her fiancé owned in Manhattan.... I didn't have anything else lined up, so I took her up on it! (I also wanted to try my hand at acting while there, which I was pretty decent at,  but it just wasn't in the cards!) I wound up coming back home to Arkansas, and decided to pursue a career in nursing.  I received my BSN from UAMS in Little Rock around 1992.  During that time, I fell in love with my husband, Brent.  We married while I was working as a surgical intensive care nurse, and went on to have 2 beautiful daughters, Paige and Meri Shaye.  After giving birth to Meri Shaye, Brent and I made the decision for me to take an extended break from nursing to stay home and raise our girls.

It was during this time, I had the chance to really delve into my passion, which was decorating/entertaining.  I began lots of researching and reading all the design and entertaining books /magazines I could get my hands on. During that time, Martha Stewart had just made it big, so I tried to soak in a lot of what she was putting out. I credit a lot of my desire to get going in this industry to the advent of HGTV as well.  Before long, I began throwing fairly elaborate birthday parties for my girls, as well as doing small decorating jobs for friends.  Before long, I was throwing HUGE Halloween parties, Christmas parties, decorating for school programs/homecoming pep rallies/proms and was being asked to help plan showers, birthday parties and doing small weddings and decorating others' homes for Christmas and Halloween.  I finally decided that I needed to turn my passion into a real career, so I met with my attorney and my boutique design firm, 

VIPG Designs, LLC  was born in 2012!  


What VIPG Designs does....

Over my career, I feel like I've done a little bit of everything! Interior-wise. Some examples of my work include:

*total kitchen and bath renovations

 * hanging a few pictures on walls

*total room/home makeovers

*rearranging existing furnishings/accents

*phone/FaceTime consults

* surprise room flips  

*designing homes & swimming pools

*designing custom bedding

*designing and creating wine cellars 

*beach condo makeovers

*helping with floor plans

* decorating playhouses for charity


*storefront window paintings

*closet makeovers

*college dorm room design

*floral arrangements

*soccer locker room makeovers

*Christmas and Halloween decorating

*Halloween costumes

*even making a few cool cakes!

While I do commercial design work, most of my jobs are residential. No job is too big or too small.  I work mostly locally around Little Rock and Northwest Arkansas, but have done jobs in Missouri, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Vermont and virtual consultations in New York,  Washington DC, California, Tennessee, Louisiana and Minnesota.

As far as my events business, I feel like I've done a little bit of everything in this category as well! From $100.00 budgets to over $100,000.00, I've pretty much done it all.  Examples of events I've done include: *weddings

* rehearsal dinners

* engagement parties

*baby showers

* 90th birthday parties

*anniversary parties

*corporate tailgates

*Prince celebration of life party

*royal Wedding watch party

*pajama Parties

*law firm Christmas parties,

*sorority alumnae parties.

Probably the coolest thing I've done, is helping to plan and pull off a wedding in Times Square in NYC during covid, from my home in Little 5 DAYS!

(See page devoted to that!)

IMG_2450 2.jpeg

No matter what style or looks my clients want for their home (or event), I take their desires and wishes, combine that with my visions, tastes, travel inspirations, knowledge and experience to bring them to life and make it all fabulous!

I know this may sound weird, and it's a running joke with my family, friends and clients, that while I am not the best business person, I feel like I can walk into a room and within seconds, know what I would do to better that space!  I just kind of  'see things'.  I will suggest any and all ideas that pop into my mind, and my clients and I then meld our ideas together, to make their space/event meet and exceed all their expectations!

My design philosophy is simply: it's my client's home/event, not mine.... It should reflect them and their style/tastes, and it's my job to help them find all the right elements to pull it all together.  No matter what style, I can help you make your space look wonderful and just to your liking!

Whether residential or commercial design, whether it's  just hanging pictures on one wall, or designing an entire home; whether the event is for 10 guests or 10,000,  VIPG Designs can help you achieve your perfect look, feel and vibe for your space, and we are going to have so much fun doing it!

What can VIPG Designs do for you?!

VIPG's Vision

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